Georgia-Alabama line gets jolt from Saban's COVID diagnosis

Virus wreaking havoc on SEC due to positive COVID-19 tests

Less than 24 hours after the school announced that both Nick Saban and athletic director Greg Byrne had both tested positive for COVID-19, another prominent Alabama head coach said Thursday that he's also battled the coronavirus in recent months. Unfortunately for Saban, that meant he had to spend Thursday at home staring at a computer screen and talking to me instead of chopping it up in person with Voice of the Crimson Tide Eli Gold at the restaurant.

"This prohibition would begin at 90 minutes before the scheduled kickoff when the officiating crew assumes jurisdiction of the game and would include the time between periods until the end of the game when the Referee declares the score final", the interpretation read.

"At this point in time, the positive tests are limited to those two individuals", the school said in its statement.

Saban said he was able to monitor practice Wednesday via Zoom and could talk on the phone with a staff member if he saw anything that needed correction. You ought to be able to have some communication with the sidelines just like I have communication with somebody on the field during practice.

When and how that changes upon Saban's contraction of COVID-19 remains to be seen. The Tide is coming off a game against MS, which this week had an undisclosed number of players test positive.

Above all else, this comes as concerning news for the health of the 68-year-old head coach. "He shared that with me. We've been diligent about mask-wearing and social distancing from the start and want to continue to encourage you all to take the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of this virus for yourself and those around you". "He's got a pretty good record against every other opponent so I am confident coach will come through this".



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