Carlow woman fighting breast cancer launches fundraiser for worthy causes

The Pink Fundracer Challenge aims to save lives of breast cancer

These were the details of the news NEWSPORT DAILY-Pink in the tropics marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month for this day. Its goals are created to increase education about the importance of early detection and prevention in the fight against breast cancer, and to support breast cancer patients and research organizations in combating this devastating disease. You see breast cancer awareness everywhere, but it's pink. All proceeds benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. They banded together to support one another.

"When I got breast cancer, I didn't know there was so much support out there, and we just want people to know that PITT can help". Forgive me, but as a researcher studying how we understand information on links between environmental and occupational exposures and breast cancer, I've grown tired of yet another October decorated in pink, promoting the same message of awareness. These are crucial pieces for tackling breast cancers that develop. We are therefore launching a socially inclusive campaign that will give the public opportunity to nominate the cancer survivor whose treatment will be subsidized.

The Pink Fundracer Challenge aims to save lives of breast cancer

"Additionally, we realize that beyond the medical condition, breast cancer presents other complications to the wellbeing of survivors their caregivers, households, survivors and society at large".



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