Bollywood actor Faraaz Khan fights for life


She tweeted, "Please share and contribute if possible. I am". This is what I think and fee. Khan, son of late Bollywood actor Yusuf Khan, has been admitted to Vikram Hospital in Bengaluru, the family said. Actor Fahmaan Khan starring in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, who happens to be his brother, has asked for financial help as his condition worsens.

"Faraaz was admitted to the emergency ward of Vikram hospital where we found out that he suffered three consecutive seizures due to a herpes infection in his brain that had spread from his chest".

Now, Faraaz Khan's brother Fahed Abousher has thanked the superstar from the bottom of his heart and told a media portal, "It was very kind of Salman sir to call on us and foot Faraaz's hospital bill". Faraaz Khan's brother Fahmaan Khan, also an entertainer, has begged for economic help and set up a fundraising strategy.

The details of the fundraiser, shared by Faraaz's family members, Farhad Abousher and Ahmed Shamoon at ImpactGuru, read: "Faraaz Khan who gave many years of his life to the art of acting and gave his best in front of the camera only to impress his audience needs your help to survive today". Newly, the coughing had exacerbated so due to the prevailing pestilence, he agreed on to consult the doctor over a video call. Over the video consultation on 8 October 2020, the doctor saw her condition and recommended that she get herself hospitalized because her cough was quite intense and to prevent any other infection, hospitalization was the best thing to do.

On the fund-raising platform, Fahmaan wrote that his career with films ended years ago and that his source of income came from a simple job which makes Rs 25 lakh a huge amount for the family. He suddenly started shaking uncontrollably and couldn't control his movements. Because of this his blood pressure and heartbeat increased massively and he wasn't able to breathe. He is now in an unconscious state in the ICU. "Would be grateful if any of you can as well". Since then, the campaign has raises over Rs 4 lakh and has had fans, well-wishers and donors writing in.

However, he required 7-10 days of critical care, which would cost Rs. 25 lakh.



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