Apple could showcase its Apple Silicon Macs at event on November 17

Apple's third product event in 3 months may be around the corner

However, for anyone hoping to see news about the AirPods Studio - which are supposedly Apple's forthcoming over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones - Prosser claims the release for those has been pushed to sometime next spring. According to Prosser's source, that date is November 17. Apple could furthermore earmark the modern chips for its high-end PCs originally while utilizing Intel power for the accessible models. Now, there are a bunch of other announcements left from the company that may be done so in a surprise November event as well.

Despite staging a keynote event for the iPad and Apple Watch in September and another one for the iPhone this week, the tech giant is reportedly gearing up for a third event next month to announce speedy new computers. Kuo also added to his statement that Apple is planning to launch macOS items on Apple Silicon next year. With Rosetta 2, Apple is attempting to make sure that existing Mac apps on Intel chips run without any hiccups on the new CPU.

Apple is yet to announce anything formally but tipster Jon Prosser has confirmed November 17 for an Apple product launch event. If Apple was going to do something about the holiday season regarding its Mac lineup, early-to-mid November would be the time to do it. Theoretically, the new chips can offer longer battery life too.

Despite the initial reluctance from brands to shift to an online-only focus for product launches, it's safe to say Apple has fully embraced the new digital normal.

The highlight of the event could be Apple's first Mac with Apple built Silicon Chip. Prosser claims that while it's still technically possible, the more likely scenario is that the AirPods Studio release has been pushed to March 2021 following technical issues with pre-production units. Our money is on the entry-level MacBook Air models as well as the MacBook Pro models.



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