USA infectious diseases chief Dr Anthony Fauci among Late Late Show guests

Notorious COVID Troll Actually Staffer On Fauci's Team

'I don't want to seem preachy about it, ' Fauci told Gov. Murphy during their Facebook Live on Thursday. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) during his Senate testimony Wednesday after Paul repeatedly pressed him about COVID-19 cases in NY state.

"In New York, it's about 22 percent", Fauci said, referring to the number of New York City residents who are believed to have contracted the disease at some point over the last several months.

"Hopefully, and I am, and my colleagues are humble enough and modest enough to realize that as new data comes, you make different recommendations".

There have been 14,291 deaths caused by the coronavirus in New Jersey since March and another 1,791 fatalities that officials list as probably due to the novel virus.

"If you believe that 22% is herd immunity, I believe you're alone in that", Fauci told Paul. We are still unsure of how long antibodies may offer protection from the virus - especially since cases of reinfection have been confirmed elsewhere in the world.

Fauci elaborated on the actual situation in NY, and why some praise was warranted to political leaders there.

And let's not forget that Paul, who had Covid-19 himself, cast skepticism on the need for the public to get the eventual vaccine for the virus.

Though there may be costs to administer a vaccine, "that should not be something that gets in the way of poor people receiving it", Fauci said.

Johnson & Johnson said Wednesday it has begun the final stage of clinical trials for its vaccine candidate. Nationwide, the USA is averaging more than 43,000 new cases per day - about double what the country was averaging back in June when lockdown restrictions were easing.

The quest for coronavirus vaccines is taking place in a US presidential election year, as the public-health crisis - and the ensuing economic disaster - have become a major issue for voters.

Trust at the CDC and the FDA - Speaking at The Atlantic Festival on Tuesday, Fauci urged Americans that, despite dramatic headlines and reversals of opinion, the scientific integrity of the CDC and the FDA remain intact. "And you've done that repetitively in the past", the infectious diseases expert said.

The backdrop - Communicating about the coronavirus has been a persistent problem for government agencies, from a changing mandate on masks, to hastily updating testing guidelines (and then reversing course).

Crews has called Fauci a "mask Nazi" in his online rants, as well as blasting his own colleagues, accusing them of being "part of a left-wing anti-Trump conspiracy".

So, yeah. That's where we are in month six of our fight against the coronavirus.

So Paul is wrong and Fauci is right.

Emails obtained by POLITICO revealed that Caputo attempted to add caveats to the CDC's regular Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports to better align with the president's statements. Each of those trials has a data and safety monitoring board that is a group of scientists, ethicists and statisticians who look at the data from the trials intermittently, Fauci said. It's the messaging where things can go awry.

'We do feel the urgency of the moment.



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