Trump predicts climate to cool down in wildfires briefing

Facebook removing posts linking Oregon blazes to extremist groups

In California state, the federal government owns almost 58% of the 33 million acres of forest, according to the state governor's office. President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement, saying other countries got unfair advantage from it.

Kamala Harris will visit Fresno on Tuesday while on the trail for Joe Biden's presidential campaign, Fresno City Council President Miguel Arias said.

Mr Trump largely avoided discussing the fires, all in Democrat-controlled states, for several weeks, with the White House insisting on Friday that a presidential visit to the affected areas "would not be wise" and could direct essential resources away from the blazes, before an about-turn over the weekend.

All told, more than 3 million acres have burned in California, representing 3% of the state's total landmass.

"It'll start getting cooler, you just watch", he said.

"For centuries, Native American peoples would burn parts of the forest. and that would thin out more flammable vegetation and make forests less dense". "Also leaves. When you have dried leaves on the ground, it's just fuel for the fires".

In California, a prolonged drought over the past decade has killed millions of trees, turning them into potent fuel for the fires. "So they have to do something about it".

One image, tweeted by the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center, shows a massive swath of smoke moving across the United States.

University of Colorado fire scientist Jennifer Balch called Trump's deflecting blame on forest managers "infuriating".

Mr Trump, a climate sceptic, blamed the crisis on poor forest management. "There's no way we're going to log our way out of this fire problem".

"It shouldn't be so bad that millions of Americans live in the shadow of an orange sky and are left asking, 'is doomsday here?' " said Biden, delivering remarks in a meadow outside the natural history museum near his home in Wilmington, Del. He has not embraced, for instance, some of the most progressive elements of the Green New Deal. - Biden spoke about the ongoing wildfires and the urgent need to address the climate crisis. As he has before, Biden sought to frame his energy proposals as an immediate necessity and a long-term economic boon focusing more on new jobs and a cleaner economy that would offset any initial costs.

Biden has proposed an aggressive $2-trillion plan for climate action that has gotten little voter attention in a race dominated by concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, protests over racial injustice, and disputes over the integrity of America's election systems.

BBC environment correspondent Matt McGrath says that while natural factors such as strong winds have helped the spread of the West Coast fires, the underlying heating of the climate from human activities is making these conflagrations bigger and more explosive.

"Hopefully they'll start doing that", he said at McClellan Park, the former Air Force base north of Sacramento where he touched down for his briefing.

Biden's running mate, California Sen.

Washington's governor called climate change a "blowtorch over our states".

In 2015, Trump stated bluntly: "I'm not a believer in global warming, I'm not a believer in man-made global warming". "I think a lot of things are possible", he said when asked about climate change. In September 2019, he falsely slammed the Green New Deal as an effort that would lead to "No more cows".

Democratic governors in the states have clashed with Trump over the role climate change played in the fires.

Emergency services in OR confirmed there was still 38 active fires burning as of Sunday morning, with 40,000 people under mandatory evacuation orders.



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