Trump dismisses climate concerns as he visits fire-ravaged West

White House says Trump will visit California on Monday to receive briefing on wildfires

Crowfoot warned, "If we ignore that science, and sort of put our head in the sand, and think it's all about vegetation management, we're not going to succeed together protecting Californians".

Ten deaths have been confirmed during the past week in OR, the latest flashpoint in a larger summer outbreak of fires.

"I never thought a fire can get out that big", said Brandon Miller, he witnessed the Bear Fire up close.

More than 4,000 homes and other structures have been incinerated in California alone over the past three weeks.

"It was worse than the Camp Fire, which I didn't think was possible".

Trump was speaking about wildfires in California, Washington, and OR when he began ad-libbing, and quickly went from forest management to asserting that trees fall over and then explode.

Trump has blamed poor forest management for the fires.

The wildfires in the western USA continue to rage, with the blazes in California alone having burned down more than 3 million acres, damaged or destroyed more than 5,000 structures and taken at least 20 lives, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Also on Monday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called Trump a "climate arsonist" and blasted Trump's refusal to acknowledge the scientific reality of the climate crisis as "unconscionable". "But they don't have problems like this".

"They never had anything like this", said Trump, who systematically downplays global warming. And is China going to change its ways?

"And we have to do better as a country", the senator said.

Trump has referred to climate change as a "hoax", and in 2017 pulled the United States out of the Paris accords laying out an worldwide approach to global warming.

Trump has referred to climate change as a "hoax" and in 2017 pulled the United States out of the Paris accord that laid out an worldwide approach to global warming, while Biden says climate change is on his list of major crises facing the United States. "If you give a climate arsonist four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised if we have more of America ablaze?" he said. "How many suburban neighborhoods will have been flooded out?"

While wildfires have burned across the West Coast for weeks now - killing at least 35 people - they've received little attention in the race for president. "It's really a fuel for a fire".

While Trump keeps pointing his finger at the Democratic leadership in California, NBC pointed out previously that 57% of the forest land in the state of California actually belongs to, and is managed by, the Federal government.

"I said you've got to clean your floors, you got to clean your forests", he said.

Trump made the remarks during a briefing after he reached Sacramento in central California.

Crowfoot said, "I wish science agreed with you". The governors of all three states stressed that climate change had made fires more risky, drying forests with rising heat and priming them to burn, science that Monday the president denied.

Crews in Jackson County, Oregon, where Talent is located, were hoping to venture into rural areas where the Almeda Fire has abated slightly with slowing winds, sending up thick plumes of smoke as the embers burned.

Tens of thousands of displaced residents across the Pacific Northwest continued to adjust to life as evacuees, many of them living out of their cars in parking lots. Others defied evacuation orders to guard their own homes from looters.

But police have cautioned against fake social media reports blaming wildfires on left-wing anti-fascists or right-wing Proud Boy activists.



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