Taylor Swift Loves Fan Movie Idea on 'The Last Great American Dynasty'

Taylor Swift has backed a 'The Last Great American Dynasty' film starring Blake Living and Ryan Reynolds

Taylor Swift used her own lyrics to explain how much she loved the idea! "I may or may not (mostly may) have cried", Brown told Insider.

We assume that tweet has now been DM'ed to every Great Gatsby fan alive, Baz Luhrmann this is your moment!

Ryan Reynolds has shared a series of photographs wife Blake Lively took of him while he was tested for coronavirus, joking that the swab was "quick and easy" but also "just deep enough to tickle your childhood memories".

Twitter user OTS Style 13 suggested earlier this week, "The last great American dynasty will make a great movie".

The song includes characters of Rebekah, Bill and a neighbour whose name is not mentioned.

Ryan Reynolds is concerned for Bill's heart because well, Bill dies from a heart attack.

The fan thinks that Taylor's friends Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson should star in the film and it sounds like they're all loving they idea as well. Folklore Tyne, written about Rebekah Harkness, a Rhode Island socialite who once owned Taylor Swift's Watch Hill home. One of the tracks that sparked the curiosity of the millions of Swifties worldwide is the song "The Last American Dynasty", which talks about a widow getting revenge on the town that cast her out.

"Ok I'm avail for this", Ferguson wrote.

Of course, then Lively had to weigh in, replying "I painted Ryan key lime green ..."

Just recently, a fan took to Twitter and suggested that her Rhode Island mansion could be the ideal setting of an incredible movie inspired by the song, "The Last American Dynasty".

The fan of Taylor Swift and clearly the song has an interesting idea.

"Where can I buy my ticket?" another commented. "I can't wait to see you make it happen", @Suzg416 commented on Swift's reply.

Surprisingly, the tweet went viral on Twitter and reached the respective actors, leading to an availability check of who is on board with the possible project.

For example, in July, a fan posted on Twitter that she would be away for two weeks and asked her followers to notify her if Swift "did something big" while she was away.

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