Ring made a security drone that flies around inside your home

Ring Always Home Cam- Drone

The Amazon-owned company revealed new auto security products and services as part of Amazon's big devices unveiling Thursday: Ring vehicle Alarm, Ring vehicle Cam, and Ring Connect. Some Tesla owners store Sentry Mode videos on a device plugged into their auto so they can view it later on a computer.

The Ring Car Alarm plugs in to your vehicle's OBD-II port, and will send you smartphone alerts if it detects bumps, break-ins, tows, and more. There are no subscriptions associated with Ring Car Alarm, and it can even link up with other Alexa-enabled devices easily to trigger lights, cameras, and other gadgets that might ward off someone trying to break into your car.

The world's clean energy company and electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, features security and safety features that give people the value for their money, particularly with the Sentry Mode that immediately detects threats and records for documentation purposes. Ring Car Connect is an aftermarket accessory and retails for $199.99. It can record footage of what's happening outside of the vehicle when it's parked. You can sign up to be notified of the release on the Ring blog post for these products. Part of that privacy design also means that the drone is apparently deliberately not silent - you'll be able to hear it as it moves around, so you know when it's watching. It can work via wifi or LTE via an add-on plan and offers emergency crash detection, traffic stop recording, and even check your auto while parked.

It's actually more simple than you might think - a Ring smart home camera mounted on a small drone, that you can then set loose in your home to patrol between set points and views, letting you theoretically see throughout your whole home with just the one device. If it detects a problem, you can get a real-time view of your auto using Wi-Fi or LTE, if you sign up for a plan.

The device also features Emergency Crash Assist, which automatically calls first responders if it detects a major crash.

There's also a new eero mesh WiFi system with support for WiFi 6 and a starting price of $129 for a single router. If you're pulled over you can say, "Alexa, I'm being pulled over" and the Car Cam will start recording the interaction.



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