Plane Crash Kills 22 Persons In Ukraine

Live Updates At Least 25 Killed in AN-26 Plane Crash in Ukraine Attorney General Says

An An-26 plane has crashed near the city of Chuguev in the Kharkov region of Ukraine during landing, Ukrainian Air Force Command said Friday. Dramatic footage from the scene has surfaced online, showing the aircraft in flames as it lies by the side of the road.

The transport plane was carrying a total of 28 passengers when it crashed and burst into flames in the town of Chuhuiv in Ukraine.

"The bodies of 22 people were found, two people were injured and the search for four people continues", it said. The tail section of the plane, however, remains largely intact.

A military plane carrying air force cadets has crashed and burst into flames in northeastern Ukraine, killing at least 22 people on board.

Citing preliminary information, Kucher said that some of the people on board managed to jump out of the plane when it was at low altitude. If they were trained on the AN-26Sh, there could be 10 cadets and one instructor on the plane, the media outlet said.

According to Kucher, before the plane crash, the pilot reported failure in the left engine.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said he would travel to the region on Saturday, and that a commission was being created to investigate what happened.



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