Ontario making bars and restaurants close earlier, shuts down strip clubs

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The TDSB updates its information on current COVID-19 cases throughout the day on its website.

You can find a full list of those pharmacies here.

Some 198 of the province's 4,828 publicly-funded schools, or about 4.10 per cent, have reported at least one case.

"Now I know", she said with a shrug, adding that she planned to head to an assessment centre to wait in line. After making an appointment, patients will be pre-screened and then tested at no charge.

The provincial government is changing its cornavirus testing guidelines. "It makes sense to engage them as key partners in delivering more COVID-19 testing", said Premier Doug Ford.

Pharmacies may choose to provide testing for those who have no COVID symptoms.

The number of new COVID-19 infections reported on a daily basis in the 20-39 age category continues to climb in recent weeks, with cases involving those under the age of 40 regularly accounting for two-thirds or more of all infections.

Toronto itself saw 204 new cases, while Peel reported 66 and York had 33.

"As physicians and health care leaders specializing in infectious diseases, general internal medicine, medical microbiology and infection prevention and control (IPAC), we're calling on the Government of Ontario to immediately place restrictions on non-essential businesses and activities that facilitate social gatherings and increase opportunities for exposure, including dine-in restaurants and bars, nightclubs, gyms, theatres, and places of worship", the letter reads.

The news comes as the province's network of labs processed 41,800 tests for the novel coronavirus, though that figure includes tests that were left out of yesterday's update due to a temporary outage at Public Health Ontario.



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