Oculus Quest 2 Leaks Via Promotional Video

Facebook Oculus Quest 2

It'll also have 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset powering it, a pretty significant jump from the original Quest's Snapdragon 835. A pair of videos were published on Facebook Blueprint today, confirming the headset ahead of a presumed announcement as Facebook Connect on Wednesday 16th September.

On the other hand, in the video he mentions that he will have 6GB RAM, a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, resolution of nearly 2K for each eye and 256 GB of storage space.

The new Oculus Quest 2 headset will sport a more comfortable design to make wearing it for prolonged periods feel better.

We awarded the original Oculus Quest a 9.5/10 review, calling it "the true future of virtual reality" - here's hoping that future's even brighter in the next iteration. What's more, the Quest 2 will have 2K resolution per-eye, which is the highest Oculus has ever gone. The headset will also utilise the Oculus Link, which lets you connect to a VR-ready desktop and play games that the Quest 2 wouldn't normally be able to handle on its own.

"Set up is easy, and in no time, you'll be immersed in an expansive library of awesome games and experiences". A follow-up to the Quest has been expected for some time, and now it's been fully revealed: a little sooner than expected.

As of this writing, there is no release date or price for the Quest 2.

Oculus Quest quickly became one of the best VR headsets in the industry after its launch a year ago, thanks to the stellar price and features.

Curious enough, it appears that several YouTube tech influencers, including UrAvgConsumer and Potato Jet, have had some had on with the Oculus Quest 2 already. Quest headsets are standalone and don't need to be plugged in.



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