Diversity's Ashley Banjo says Britain's Got Talent critics are 'the minority'

ITV's Diversity disaster: how Black Lives Matter gatecrashed Britain's Got Talent

She has spoken out in defence of her Britain's Got Talent co-judge Ashley Banjo amid the ongoing controversy over his dance troupe Diversity's Black Lives Matter-inspired performance last week.

The operation brought criticism and praise from members of the public, together with the amount of complaints on broadcasting watchdog Ofcom climbing to 15,500 because the episode has been broadcast.

The routine drew thousands of complaints to United Kingdom media regulator Ofcom.

The performance sparked a huge response online with some viewers labelling it "politically motivated" while others said it was "powerful" and congratulated Diversity on their "stunning" and "brave" storytelling.

"The favorable response was enormous so thank you a lot to everybody who has supported, demonstrated adore, and also stood by what people did".

Ashley assured fans that he and the troupe are doing well, saying "We're feeling positive, proud, happy, confident and we stand by every single decision we made with that performance".

"Racism is very real. I knew it before and I definitely know it now", said the presenter.

A spokesperson for ITV said about the performance: "Diversity's performance offered their take on the extraordinary events of 2020 opening up important topics of conversation".

'Everything from lockdown to Covid-19, to the incredible NHS, to the spotlight that's been shone on racism. Protests and riots culminated in the idea of unity and hope.

He added: "The bit that has really seemed to connect with people and agitate, annoy and offend some people is the fact that we stood up and we said that racism is real, and as far as we're concerned has to change and will not be tolerated, because black lives matter".

Amanda Holden, who has been promoted to head judge while Cowell recovers from surgery after his electric bike accident, said the show stands by the star.

'The number of negative complaints means that this conversation is right and fundamental and should continue to happen, ' she told Good Morning Britain.

"Frankly, it's overwhelming, the positive reaction to what we did, hundreds of thousands of letters, comments, direct messages and interactions on the street".

He said, "But we also got bombarded with messages and articles of terrible stuff about us, about our families, about how even now Diversity not diverse enough because there are only five white people in it". We just stand by him and stand by that performance 100 per cent'.

United Kingdom media watchdog Ofcom has to date received over 15500 complaints in relation to the performance, making it the second-highest complained about TV moment.



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