California fires satellite images show smoke reaching Europe from west coast US

‘It’ll start getting cooler, just watch’: Trump dismisses climate change concerns amid US fires

"Over 800 BC Wildfire Service personnel volunteered to go into someone else's community and to someone else's fire to do what they can to make sure people are safe", Premier John Horgan says in a release.

No other added resources are now planned, but there may be other deployments depending on any specific arrangements that exist between states and the provinces, he added.

"Firefighters themselves, with decades of experience, are telling me that they've never seen fires like this before because of the extreme aridity combined with wind", Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state said at a news conference Tuesday.

"Some provinces in the West have border agreements with neighbouring states. We have no details as of yet of what is being sent as part of those agreements".

An exhausted crew of OR firefighters belted out a song after a long day of fighting wildfires.

The August Complex fire in California's Tehama County - the largest fire in the state's history at 817,952 acres - was 30% contained Wednesday, while the deadly North Complex fire has burned 273,335 acres and was 36% contained, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said.

U.S. California has suffered 7,860 wildfires, which have burned more than 3.4 million acres (about 13,759 sq km) this year, state Governor Gavin Newsom said Wednesday.

California faces more devastation from wildfires that have ravaged the West Coast, authorities warned Wednesday, with strong winds and dry heat expected to whip up flames from dozens of blazes raging across the state. One fire-related fatality has been confirmed in Washington state.

The solution set for addressing fires requires a combination of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, improving forest management and learning to better prepare for fire. "Who understands that the damage from climate change is already here".

There are legitimate concerns around the fires, Roberts said.

It has been hard historically to prove a link between individual extreme weather events and climate change.

Veteran firefighters I've talked to all agree that this year's fuel load is more parched than ever, leading to unprecedented fire conditions.

"We have very clear evidence that California is warming", Stanford University climate scientist Noah Diffenbaugh said Monday in response to Trump's claim. "You just watch." Crowfoot told Trump he wished "science agreed with you", and the president retorted, "I don't think science knows, actually".

Trump late on Tuesday declared a federal disaster for the hardest-hit parts of OR, a state unaccustomed to the size and number of blazes sweeping the Northwest, many sparked by intense lightning storms and stoked by record-breaking heat and high winds. "This is not a partisan issue. It is incumbent on us, in terms of the leadership of our nation, to take seriously these new changes in our climate". "California has been baking in record temperatures for weeks, hitting a record 49℃ (120.2°F) in early September". "If you don't believe in climate change, come to California". "The hots are getting hotter, the dries are getting drier".



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