Top GOP lawmaker calls on Falwell to resign as Liberty University president

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A proverbial scandal magnet, Falwell and his companion, whom he has claimed to be his wife's assistant, were photographed with their shirts rolled up and their trousers unzipped. He is holding a glass of dark-colored liquid - which drew some notice online, because Liberty strictly bans students from drinking alcohol. "And so, I just put my belly out like hers". Falwell, 58, captioned the image.

Mr Falwell had conceded the Instagram photo was "weird", but defended it as "all in good fun".

In an interview with The Post a year ago, Falwell said there was nothing Trump could do that would endanger his support or that of other conservative Christian leaders.

"I've apologized to everybody and I promised my kids I'm going to try to be a good boy from here on out", Mr. Falwell told WLNI on Wednesday.

"Now, Jerry Jr. - Jerry Falwell, Jr. - deserves a lot of credit for building Liberty University to what it is today, but there's been a pattern of behavior that's not becoming to what that school's code of conduct is".

The private university in Lynchburg, Virginia, gave no reason for Falwell's departure in a one-sentence announcement Friday afternoon.

The congressman, who has ties to Liberty, wrote in a tweet Thursday night, "Jerry Falwell Jr's ongoing behavior is appalling". "None of us are ideal, but students, faculty, alumni and (Liberty's gospel choir) deserve better".

Jerry Prevo, the chairman of Liberty's Board of Trustees, said Friday its members and Mr.

"I'm convinced Falwell should step down", said Walker, a former pastor. However, the university leadership appeared to have already made up its mind. "To support Jerry through this period, we ask that our entire community lift him up in prayer so he may be able to fulfill God's objective for him and for Liberty University".

Falwell, who has been Liberty University's president since 2007, agreed to the leave of absence, the university said. The photo, which was reportedly taken at a Trailer Park Boys themed costume party hosted by the Falwells, caused many to criticize the Christian university president. Students are also prohibited from engaging in "sexual immorality", or pre-marital sex, as well as "procuring, financing, facility or obtaining an abortion".



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