Tom Cruise's Space Movie Have A Budget Of 200$ Million

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise stands in his space suit

Plus, consider the fact that the budgets in the list of the 30 most-expensive movies begins at $US220 million - and hey, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides cost Disney a ridiculous $US376.5 million to make. Lehmann plans to shoot an action-adventure film in public with Tom Cruise, which is set for free (currently) and includes Elon Musk's SpaceX and NASA. Doug and Cruise will have their third collaboration this time after American Made and Edge of Tomorrow.

This shouldn't be particularly surprising to anyone who has followed Cruise's career over the past decade. It has not been confirmed that the cruise event was planned for May 4 and that the scoop will go into space from a hand-held object for shooting the film, and the scoop will be hung there until the day NASA intervenes.

According to Deadline, McQuarrie has been on board the project for a little while, as he was a part of a recent Zoom call with Universal executives which convinced the studio to shell out an estimated $200 million for the film's budget.

What did Universal Pictures execs require to commit to liftoff of the first ever narrative feature film to shoot in outer space? The movies, produced by Cruise, have largely been helmed by different directors. Exactly how a relative no-name in the industry worked his way into the company of Cruise, Liman, and McQuarrie remains a mystery to me, but props to him for making it happen.

Tom Cruise also started to resume his shoot for the Mission Impossible 7. In addition to this movie in space, they are planning on returning for a 'Live Die Repeat' sequel. The two are pilots and their adventurous spirit exhibits in their filmmaking. As for Cruise, he is a meticulous planner, but fearless in doing his own stunts that have included hanging from a helicopter and the side of a jet plane during takeoff in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. In Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol he scaled the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai skyscraper, and executed stunts 123 floors up.



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