Three die in Scottish train derailment, police say

A train has derailed in Scotland in an

The Queen sent a message of condolence to the Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire following the rail crash.

Three people have died following the derailment of a train in Scotland on Wednesday.

He said: "It was a hard site for the emergency services to access".

First reports indicated the train was derailed by a landslip, after heavy rain and thunderstorms caused flooding and travel disruption in the east of Scotland. A video clip shared on social media showed a thick black cloud of smoke rising from the site of the accident.

Emergency services have been deployed to a major train derailment near the Scottish town of Stonehaven, 15 km (9 miles) south of the city of Aberdeen.

"I would like to reassure the public that this was not a busy service, and from (closed circuit television) inquiries and witness statements we believe all passengers have been accounted for", British Transport Police chief superintendent Eddie Wylie said.

"I have just been updated by Network Rail and the emergency services on the ongoing operation".

The train which derailed was made up of two locomotives - at the front and back - and four carriages.

Chief executive Andrew Haines said: "Our climate is changing and it is increasingly challenging the performance and reliability of the railway, but incidents like yesterday's devastating accident are incredibly rare, and our railway remains the safest major railway in Europe".

In a post on the Royal Family's Twitter feed, she said she learned of the incident with "great sadness".

"Yesterday was a tragedy, a truly horrific event, and my thoughts remain with everyone affected. My thoughts are with those involved and their families", tweeted Shapps.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, Mr Matheson said: "The rail network are experiencing increasing challenges across different parts of the routes, not just here in Scotland but across the United Kingdom, due to what is an increasing number of very intense localised weather events that have a significant impact on the infrastructure that they have within the rail network". "The UK Government will provide every support".

"Our thoughts are also very much with those injured".

One passenger was fatally injured, 28 passengers, the train driver and one other crew member were seriously injured, and 59 passengers received minor injuries.

"Hopefully we can draw strength from each other in the hard days ahead, especially those most affected".



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