State Health Officials Identify First Human Case Of West Nile This Year

Mosquito tests positive for West Nile virus in Alliston

In response to the increased West Nile Virus activity, the district will continue surveillance efforts, testing mosquitoes for virus, treating mosquitoes in all known sources and performing adult mosquito control as necessary throughout parks, neighborhoods and other agricultural sources in areas where the mosquitoes have tested positive.

Health officials in DeKalb County have reported the first West Nile positive mosquitos in 2020.

Although most people will not become sick if bitten by an infected mosquito, WNv can cause severe illness in some people. In very rare cases, it can cause serious neurological illness.

Symptoms include fatigue, muscle fatigue, confusion, migraines, headaches and also a surprising sensitivity to light.

Symptoms generally show between two and 15 days after infection.

"Officials state that taxpayers should be certain they eliminate" mosquito-friendly regions" close to their dwelling. This can mean cleaning up stagnant water found in flower pots, swimming pool covers or bird baths and ensuring that window screens in their residences fit properly. Larvacide application in low-lying areas and storm drains around the positive trap areas has already taken place, due to the high number of mosquitoes already collected from the traps. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, so officials say citizens should restrict their outside action throughout that time.

York Region uses mosquito traps to capture and test mosquitoes for West Nile and to determine where they are in the community.

This is the first lab-confirmed evidence of WNv in Simcoe Muskoka this year.



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