Sartell-St. Stephen School Board Layout Framework for School Year

Sartell-St. Stephen School Board Layout Framework for School Year

According to the Woodside Elementary School District website, information about the 2020-2021 school year reopening "will be communicated to parents on Friday, August 7".

Before Portola Valley School District, two other local schools had already made the same choice: Belle Haven Elementary in Menlo Park and Selby Lane Elementary in Atherton have both announced plans to start school with virtual learning. They were set to begin Monday, Aug. 10.

The district is taking a cautious approach to reopening due to Harrisburg and Dauphin County being "negatively and disproportionately" affected by the virus, Celmer said.

Stephen school district has started laying out the framework on what students and parents can expect this fall.

Students in kindergarten through second grade, and some students receiving Special Education and English Language instruction, will attend school in-person, four days each week with the safety protocols and social distancing required under the state's hybrid model. Student's in those grade levels whose last name are A-K (Blue) would be in school Monday and Tuesday and distance learn the remaining days, while students whose last name is L-K (Silver) would attend school Wednesday and Thursday and distance learn the other school days. He said the district will watch local COVID case data and once there has been a decline in positive cases in the community for two weeks, the district will make a decision to move to the next phase.

All students will have distance learning on Fridays.

All students will return back to on August 31. "It may look a little different because you're in an online learning environment, but that school community will be there for you", said Estabrooks.

The 100% online option will be available for families who prefer it.



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