Samsung’s UV sterilizer disinfects smartphones, other gadgets in 10 minutes

Samsung UV Steriliser

Samsung has introduced a new UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charging that can be used to quickly disinfect your Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy Buds and Smart Watch in just 10 minutes, wherever you are. Priced at ₹3,599, the device, as the name suggests, cleans the product kept inside of it so the bacteria and germs don't spread - something that is vital in order to curb the pandemic. It is also equipped with a 10W wireless charger which can also be used to charge other devices like Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy Buds or any device with Qi-compatible wireless charging. The company claims that tests done by two independent certification institutes show that its sterilizer can effectively kill up to 99% bacteria and germs. The company says that the product will be available early August 2020 across all retail channels including Samsung's online store. During this period, the UV Steriliser will use dual UV lights to sterilise both top and bottom surface of items that are placed inside.

UV Sterilizer can be accessed with a single button that switches the device on and off. Moreover, users will not have to keep waiting to switch off as the device automatically switches off after 10 minutes of usage. At the height of Covid-19 crisis in March, Samsung launched a new initiative called Galaxy Sanitising Service in select countries including India. Samsung says that its UV sterilizer is created to fit a variety of device sizes so users can sterilize as many products as they want.

The South Korean firm mentions that bacteria and germs like E. coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Candida Albicans can also be killed using its device.

Mohandeep Singh, Senior President of Samsung India said in his statement that Samsung is continuously developing innovative gadgets, which are very useful for our users. And charging will continue after your device has been sterilized.

The UV sterilizer, comes in a sleek and compact design that can be carried around easily.



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