Quebec reporting 104 COVID-19 cases, three more deaths linked to disease

Quebec makes masks mandatory for students Grade 5 and up, except in classrooms

College students can wear them in course if they so decide on, but in the classroom, in which pupils are in their team, they will not have to dress in a mask.

Jean-Francois Roberge says each classroom will be its own bubble, and students will not be required to stay two-metres away from their classmates.

"For kids. we (will) organize schools in a different way with classes that are going to be closed - not mixing with others too much", said Dr. Horacio Arruda on Monday. "So if a 12-year-old must wear a mask inside a store, why don't the same rules apply in school?"

Children with significant health problems will be offered a remote learning option.

While Quebec now restricts gatherings inside a house to 10 people, it's refusing to limit class sizes in a similar fashion, Mallette said.

"I worry about the lack of social distancing given the ventilation issues at some schools, especially high schools", Yetman said.

Schools will reopen this fall and students will be allowed to go mask-less in their classrooms.

"Wearing a compulsory face covering will facilitate movement within the establishment", said Carl Ouellet, head of a Quebec association representing school management staff.

Quebec registered 98 COVID-19 new scenarios Monday, the first time it is dropped beneath 100 in a month.

- with files from Caroline Plante in Quebec City.



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