President Trump asks recovered COVID-19 patients to donate plasma

Donating plasma can save lives from COVID

"Now is an extremely critical time to donate plasma because cases are surging throughout the United States at alarming rates".

Delighted to be here to discuss the remarkable progress being made in the development of plows plaza so important therapies these years powerful antibodies from the blood of recovered patients to help create those battling the current infection that we all know is one of the more.

The plasma is used for its antibiodies, and while not considered a cure for the virus, it could help patients fight off the disease. Blood plasma, which is the material that's left after red and white blood cells have been removed, is rich in antibodies and may help those who have been exposed to the coronavirus who are at high risk of infection.

Since April, thousands of COVID-19 survivors have given convalescent plasma, enabling the Red Cross to collect and distribute more than 3,500 of these lifesaving products in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and 20,000 nationwide.

"I was surprised initially but was happy because I was presented with the opportunity to give back and donate plasma and help people in need", said Perry. Those who have recovered and are willing to donate can visit, register, and make an appointment to be a convalescent plasma donor.

Miles said he had to wait 28 days to donate, and the process is similar to giving blood. This convalescent plasma is being evaluated as a possible treatment for now ill COVID-19 patients, so your donation could help save the lives of patients battling this disease!



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