No sign of talks resuming on US aid deal

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President Donald Trump accused congressional Democrats on Wednesday of not wanting to negotiate over a USA coronavirus aid package because he was refusing to go along with "ridiculous" spending requests unrelated to the pandemic.

The Democrats referred to comments Mnuchin made in an interview on Fox Business Network earlier Wednesday, when he accused the Democrats of refusing to compromise on issues including their demand for almost $1 trillion for state and local governments.

Trump was abruptly pulled out of Monday's White House briefing by a Secret Service agent, returning several minutes later to continue with the news conference. In a statement, the treasury secretary said the Democratic leaders' statement is not an accurate reflection of the phone conversation he had with Pelosi earlier in the day.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday the federal government is sending 125 million reusable face masks to school districts across the United States as schools consider whether it's safe to reopen this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic. "However, it is clear that the Administration still does not grasp the magnitude of the problems that American families are facing", they added. "The Democrats have no interest in negotiating".

"We have again made clear to the administration that we are willing to resume negotiations once they start to take this process seriously", they said in the statement.

Mnuchin told Fox Business that Congress could pass a relief plan costing just over $1 trillion now and deal with remaining issues later.

"We want them (schools) to open soon and safely, and we're coming up with eight measures or so on how to do that, which will be announced today", Conway said in an interview with Fox News Channel.

Pelosi, however, said that a deal needs to get done now and stimulus measures can't wait. And it looks increasingly possible that there will be no new deal on coronavirus legislation until sometime in September, when an October 1 government shutdown deadline will force legislative action of some kind.

"You know what I'll tell you, I'll tell you who's meddling in our elections", Trump said.

"Until they're ready to do that, it's no use sitting in a room and letting them tell us that states should go bankrupt", she told MSNBC.

The Senate Republicans' 1-trillion-dollar relief proposal would slash the federal benefits to 200 dollars through September, and then give an unemployed worker about 70 percent of previous wages when combined with state benefits, while Democrats want to maintain the 600-dollar benefits through January. "And they look at some of their most problematic states, which had issues before all of this".

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