Marty Jannetty Opens Up About Murder Confession In NEW Interview

Former WWE Star Marty Jannetty Posts Apparent Murder Confession

Marty Jannetty, one half of the famous "Rockers" tag-team with WWE legend Shawn Michaels, is reported to be under investigation after a weird social media post in which he appears to admit murdering a man several years ago.

"But I promised myself way back then, nobody would ever hurt me again... that includes you". His Facebook page has often been a magnet for controversy and confusion, including an August 5 post that seemed to detail Jannetty confessing to killing a man.

Jannetty was interviewed in the 2012 Star-Ledger documentary "The Bottom Rope: Inside the World of Independent Wrestling". His Facebook profile says he now lives in Las Vegas, though a Twitter account for Jannetty says he calls Toms River home.

According to RingsideNews, the post read: "I never told no one this, even my brother Geno... cause Geno would've killed him, and I didn't want my brother gone".

Jannetty was famously thrown through the Barber Shop window in the early '90s, signifying the end of The Rockers and the rise of Shawn Michaels. Then Jannetty claims that he grabbed a brick and he hit the man in the head.

"I was 13", he continued. As described in the original post, Jannetty said he "made a man disappear" for the first time out of retaliation for an attempted sexual assault behind the bowling alley where he worked. He's got me by the shirt, and he's got me by the hair, and he's dragging me to the back of the bowling alley. I jumped back, but we used to make fun of him because we knew he was gay. He claims that as a 13-year-old boy he murdered a homosexual man who was allegedly attempting to rape him behind a bowling alley. "They shoulda looked in the Chattahoochee River", referring to the body of water that forms the southern half of the Alabama and Georgia border.

The Columbus Police Department in Georgia told TMZ that they are looking into Jannetty's story and they are looking to see if there were any missing persons or unidentified remains cases in the area from that timeframe.

Jannetty was born in February 1960, and would have turned 13 in 1973.

Several outlets have reached out to Marty Jannetty for comment; though he's yet to release any statements on the matter.



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