Indian Rafales Start Night Flying, Staying Away From LAC

India repulses China’s efforts to build road in Arunachal

Even though the aircraft kept a safe distance from the Line of Actual Control (LAC), where India is now engaged in a border dispute with China, the night flying of the Rafale fighter aircraft will send strong signals to the Chinese Army about Indian Air Force's operational preparedness.

"For the China-India relationship, the two sides should jointly safeguard peace and security in the border areas and maintain steady and sound development of bilateral ties, he said".

Considering the situation on the ground, the Indian Army and the IAF have chose to maintain a very high-level of operational readiness in all areas along the LAC in Ladakh, North Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh till a "satisfactory" resolution to the border row with China is arrived at, military sources had said last week.

The Army has conducted a formal court of inquiry into the Galwan clash with the Chinese in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred.

India and China have been holding diplomatic and military talks on disengagement of troops from all the friction points in eastern Ladakh.

The former diplomat predicted that Beijing will insist that it is on its own territory and defend its position at all cost while accusing Indian troops of being the aggressors.

Regarding America, he said that China has always stood with a strong intention to work with America.

He also said that the situation created between China and America can be resolved peacefully through dialogue.

The Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong warned of this on July 10, and reiterated his advice at a public forum in New Delhi on July 30. The protesters shouted slogans against China and said that all countries are in danger from China today. Under this, apart from banning economic activities and Chinese app, the selected officials have also been banned.

"India's decisions on Chinese Apps, Chinese tenders for projects and investments in India have undoubtedly caused considerable disquiet". They also stressed that the protest is not against the people of China, instead, it's against the Chinese Communist Party. It's not only in Ladakh in India but also against it's other neighbours as well.

Strat News Global founder and editor-in-chief Nitin Gokhale revealed this on Twitter, confirming Surie's analysis that China will use pressure, deception and disinformation in the long haul with India.



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