Google in talks with Samsung to replace Bixby with Assistant

Google in talks with Samsung to replace Bixby with Assistant

Big changes are coming to the Google One cloud storage service, including an all-new iOS app, free phone data backups, and a new data management tool on both iOS and Android. Android already backs up some user data to the cloud natively, but Google One backups included a few more categories of data, including original quality photos and videos, and MMS messages. This way, you have a security reserve with all your information, in case of theft of the device, loss or simply changing the device for a more modern model. It will be available under "Manage Store" on Google One, and here files will be categorised according to space, requirement and more.

Google claimed, that new Google One app will be soon available in the app store.

Google One allows you to share a single account with five different people, so if you are unable to use the 100GB storage space alone, you can share your account with family members.

The thing is, do Apple iPhone users really need the Google One backup option now? Last year, the company added automatic Android phone backups to Google One.

Samsung will benefit financially from granting more exposure to Google products on its devices, but this will be a fraction of what could be achieved through owning the services itself.

All Google users will also get access to a new storage manager that Google plans to integrate in the Google One application and launch as a web-version as well.

And you'll keep your storage (and be able to access your back-ups) if you lose, break or upgrade your smartphone.

Earlier, the automatic backup feature was available only for paid subscribers. Getting rid of old unused files and folders, and creating space for new ones is made easier using storage manager.

The company has also found out users' behavior when majority are searching for a way to disable Bixby, preferring Google Assistant. Google's got you covered. Also, these features are only for consumer accounts and not for G Suite business accounts.



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