Ghislaine Maxwell court win: Release of 2016 testimony temporarily blocked, report says

A woman with dark hair is depicted in a court sketch

At a bail hearing for Maxwell's criminal charges on July 14, Maxwell attorney's argued for her release pending trial, telling the court she had no contact with Epstein for more than a decade.

Giuffre says she saw former US President Bill Clinton at Epstein's private estate on the Virgin Islands, but she does not accuse him of wrongdoing. On Thursday, Maxwell filed an emergency motion to stop them becoming public. Otherwise, prosecutors said, the women may be harassed or intimidated and become reluctant to cooperate with the government.

The suit, which was filed in 2015 by alleged victim Virginia Giuffre, accused Maxwell of exploiting and lying about Giuffre while she was being sexually abused by Epstein.

Lawyers for Maxwell and Giuffre did not immediately respond to requests for comment. She said the couple subsequently pressured her into having sex with numerous rich or notable men, including the Duke of York, US politicians, wealthy entrepreneurs, a famous scientist and fashion designer.

Among the materials released on Thursday were January 2015 emails between Epstein and Maxwell, who were identified respectively as "jeffrey E" and either "Gmax" or "G Maxwell".

The documents also contain a transcript deposition given by Epstein's main accuser, Giuffre, who has also made allegations against Prince Andrew.

One email, sent from Epstein's email address but written in Maxwell's voice, appeared to be a draft statement or set of talking points for Maxwell to use in defending herself. It said she had been the target of "false allegations of impropriety and offensive behaviour that I abhor and have never ever been party to".

Epstein writes back, saying he was "ok" with that. She faces six counts, including perjury, and faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted.

Maxwell, the daughter of late British media magnate Robert Maxwell, kept a low profile since the death of Epstein, a financier who was accused of raping and trafficking underage girls over almost two decades. Guifffre stated that Maxwell "abused me on a regular basis". Giuffre said the former president stayed in one of the villas on the island at the time that she and two girls from NY were also on the Island.

Maxwell is jailed awaiting trial in NY.

"There are no new accusations against me in the documents I got unsealed", Dershowitz said on Twitter.

Of all Epstein's victims, it's the allegations of Virginia Roberts Giuffre that has had the most fall out around the world. She's the one that procured me, told me what to do, trained me as a sex slave, abused me physically, abused me mentally.

Two documents that were not released as scheduled Thursday were depositions Maxwell gave in the civil lawsuit in 2016.

United States district judge Loretta A Preska had ordered the papers released but two depositions given by Maxwell in the civil lawsuit in 2016 were not produced after her lawyers appealed against the ruling. She said, "He was constantly bragging about girls' ages or where he got them from or their pasts and how awful their pasts were and how good he was making it for them".



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