Federation Internationale de Football Association 21 Official Gameplay Trailer Introduces New Smart Positioning

Rodrygo FIFA 21

Roma FC will feature in all the modes of the game such as Kick Off, Ultimate Team, Career Mode etc. Certain cinematics, including scenes of teams walking back to their sides of the pitch following a goal, will also be shortened or removed altogether to make for a smoother online experience.

Nintendo Switch players will get a "legacy edition" of the game that will primarily include new kits, teams and an updated menu system. In real life, Aguero holds his run to stay onside, De Bruyne slides into free space, Fabinho cut off passing lanes and Van Dijk puts his body in the path of the ball.

Players with high defensive awareness will better track runs and intercept passes.

The Fifa 21 video game will feature fewer player celebrations as EA Sports attempts to curb "toxic" behaviour among gamers.

Finally, you can lock onto a player to directly control the run, with the AI taking control of the passing player.

Federation Internationale de Football Association 21 will feature a new Agile Dribbling system.

The default Assisted Heading will also see increased accuracy and consistency. It will have a more natural outcome based on who gets to the ball first. Creative Runs will likely make the biggest impact, as will the increased viability of headers.

A pair of celebrations that contributed to "toxic behaviours" online will not return in Federation Internationale de Football Association 21 when the game launches on October 9, according to series publisher EA. Faster footwork will give you more control and responsiveness in one-on-one situations, and new skill moves like the bridge dribble and ball roll fake turn provide you with the means to explode past defenders.



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