Fauci: COVID-19 pandemic with no timeline for finish

COVID-19 vaccine: Indian private sector can play a big role in global fight against Coronavirus, says Dr Fauci

The U.S. has done much to ramp up testing for COVID-19, Giroir said, administering more than 820,000 tests per day, on average.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director and Dr.

He said that 250,000 people have registered on a government website to take part in vaccine trials, which are pivotal for establishing safety and effectiveness. I don't think it's dreaming. "I believe it's a reality (and) will be shown to be reality". But the veteran of battles against AIDS and Ebola has stuck to his message, while carefully avoiding open confrontations with the Trump White House. That will happen only after the Food and Drug Administration determines that one or more vaccines are safe and effective. There will be a priority list based on recommendations from scientific advisers.

Fauci said, "We hope that by the time we get into late fall and early winter, we will have in fact a vaccine that we can say that would be safe and effective". And the resurgence of Covid-19 in the Sunbelt in recent weeks has driven the number of new daily cases back up into the 60,000-70,000 range.

The three officials appeared before a special House panel investigating the government's pandemic response, itself sharply divided along party lines.

As of Friday morning, the USA reported more than 4.49 million COVID-19 cases, with 152,082 deaths, according to the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University.

Fauci said there's evidence the surge across the South may be peaking, but upticks in the Midwest are now a concern. Testing bottlenecks remain a major issue.

Further, according to the report, Dr Fauci believes that the US National Institutes of Health will be working with Indian counterparts in a bid to show that Indian research and development capacity is integrated along with the global effects in producing vaccines for the novel Coronavirus.

But rapid, widespread testing is critical to containing the pandemic. It makes it easier for public health workers to trace the contacts of an infected person.

But it's unclear how many people will actually get a vaccine if it's approved.

In his tweet, Trump claimed that the USA is leading Europe in cases due to testing. Committee Chairman James Clyburn, D-S.C., tried to enlist Fauci to rebut the president.

House subcommittee Chair James Clyburn, a Democrat from SC, addressed President Trump's tweet that seemed to reference a chart Clyburn showed earlier in the hearing about United States cases largely outpacing European countries.

"Yes, sir, I was", Fauci answered.

"You make all kinds of recommendations, comments on dating and baseball and everything you can imagine", Jordan said incredulously.

Jordan then asked Fauci, "Should the government limit the protesting?"

Fauci repeated his long-held assertion that any protest, campaign rally or religious gathering poses a health risk and that indoor events are more risky than outdoor ones. And I don't judge one crowd versus another crowd.

"Crowding together, particularly when you're not wearing a mask, contributes to the spread of the virus".

Fauci's warnings about the scope and dangers of the outbreak have drawn the ire of some of President Trump's supporters and prompted calls for his firing.

Why it matters: He was responding directly to a tweet from President Trump, who took to the platform during the hearing to repeat his claim that the US has reported the most cases in the world due to increased testing.



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