Coronavirus: Dr Fauci says daughters have been harassed

Dr. Anthony Fauci claims he and his family have required armed protection amid a torrent death threats

"So what I'm shooting for is with a vaccine, and good public health measures, we could bring it down to somewhere between really good control and elimination".

"I call myself a realist, but I'm a cautious optimist too", Fauci said. "But as we get into 2021, the manufacturers tell us that they will have hundreds of millions and likely a billion doses by the end of 2021", Fauci said in an interview with Reuters.

"As long as you have any member of society, any demographic group, who's not seriously trying to get to the end game of suppressing this, it will continue to smolder and smolder and smolder, and that will be the reason why, in a non-unified way, we've plateaued at an unacceptable level", Fauci said. Jha asked. Fauci said the proof will show in how states respond when they see an uptick in their percent positive cases of COVID-19.

The top doctor has been at odds with President Donald Trump at several points during the pandemic.

Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo has also imposed travel restrictions, limited capacity at beaches, reduced the permitted size of parties and other large social gatherings, and ordered an 11 p.m. closure of restaurant bar areas, among other steps, in response to the rising infections.

There's hope on the horizon for a safe and effective vaccine, Fauci said, citing new clinical trials to produce antibodies and other therapeutics aimed at the virus itself. "You may have some around that may come back in a seasonal way but hopefully we will be able to control it but that is up to us that it is not a physical threat". "Quite frankly, there really is no reason why we can not do that".

Fauci is slated to join Raimondo next Thursday for a Facebook Live forum on the state's school reopening plan.



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