Commissioner Warns MLBPA of Shutdown if Virus Cannot Be Contained

The Miami Marlins celebrate their Opening Day win against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park

Two unidentified Cardinals players tested positive for the coronavirus Friday, forcing St. Louis' scheduled game in Milwaukee against the Brewers to be postponed.

Some players have not been abiding by the league's protocols, with broadcasts also showing some players not wearing masks, high-fiving and spitting.

Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo took issue with Major League Baseball's rain-delay protocol in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic as his game Thursday night was postponed due to bad weather.

The Cardinals' outbreak is one of two that have arisen in the past week, casting doubt on the sport's ability to contain the virus and safely navigate a 60-game regular season. The team's season is paused, with infected players being bused back to Miami.

Major League Baseball said no Phillies players have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past week and while three staff members have tested positive, it appeared two were attributable to false positives and the third, based on the timing of the positive test, may not have contracted COVID-19 from the Marlins.

This comes after 18 Miami Marlins players tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week. While other leagues are tightly restricting the movements and contacts of their players and staff, MLB has basically said, "You be careful out there!". Two St. Louis Cardinals players were then said to have tested positive for coronavirus on Friday. The Marlins were hit with a virus outbreak in Philadelphia, and both Miami and the Phillies are sidelined for at least a week. Players and staff were instructed to isolate in their hotel rooms.

The baseball season is not yet a week old, and so far the teams with changed dates and schedules include the Marlins, Phillies, Yankees, Jays, Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles, who ended up just playing the Yankees since they had nothing better to do.



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