Chinese app ban: Xiaomi has a message for its users

Members of the Working Journalist of India hold placards urging citizens to remove Chinese apps and stop using Chinese products during a demonstration against the Chinese newspaper Global Times in New Delhi

We expect Xiaomi to roll out this update to the global variants of these devices in the coming days.

Xiaomi also clarified a few details regarding its MIUI software, such as that its Cleaner app is not related to Cheetah Mobile's Clean Master, another app banned by the Indian government.

Xiaomi has released a statement on Twitter clarifying the situation with banned Chinese apps on its phones.

The new MIUI update will be built without any of the blocked apps being pre-installed, which is a massive step towards a world without bloatware.

All the banned apps including Mi Browser, Mi Browser Pro, and Mi Community in the country come pre-installed with Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi explained 100 percent of data from Indian users is stored in servers located in India. The cleaner app, the company claims only uses industry definitions that are vital to the functioning of their cleaner app. To avoid any confusion, Xiaomi will be removing those definitions from the updated app. If the app has not updated automatically, users can manually update it on their Xiaomi smartphones by heading to the System apps updater in Settings.

Jain said that the company has been storing data of Indian users in the country since 2018 and will continue to do so.

Xiaomi Head also tweeted saying that "some stray instances of misinformation are being spread regarding the above points". The company preloads a suite of its own apps onto phones it sells in India. To survive in the Indian market, the company has to distance itself from its country of origin, so it goes as far as threatening legal actions against "untrue accusations of its non-compliance with Government orders". Over the past few weeks, India has blocked multiple Chinese apps owned and developed by Chinese tech companies, over fears about user data privacy and security. "The update started rolling out in July 2020 and has now covered all POCO smartphones".



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