Brazilian state plans deal with Russian Federation to make COVID-19 vaccine

Russia might allow Moscow's Gamaleya Institute vaccine for civilian use even before clinical trials are completed

Moscow has dubbed its new coronavirus vaccine "Sputnik V" after the Soviet satellite, the head of the country's sovereign wealth fund said Tuesday, after Russian Federation declared itself the first country to develop a vaccine.

The vaccine, which is being developed by Moscow's Gamaleya Institute and the Russian Direct Investment Fund, began Phase 3 trials last week.

Its approval by the Health Ministry foreshadowed the start of a larger trial involving thousands of participants, commonly known as a Phase III trial.

'I will tell President (Vladimir) Putin that I have huge trust in your studies in combating COVID and I believe that the vaccine that you have produced is really good for humanity, ' Duterte said on television late on Monday.

Asked on Monday about Russia's plans to register the Gamaleya vaccine, the World Health Organization urged caution.

Russian Federation says it is the first to produce the vaccine for COVID-19 because the researchers chose to use an already proven and available technology instead of going into uncharted territory.

Putin said his daughter had a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit) on the day of the first vaccine injection, and then it dropped to just over 37 degrees (98.6 Fahrenheit) on the following day.

The Health Ministry said that the vaccine is expected to provide immunity from the coronavirus for up to two years. After the second shot she again had a slight increase in temperature, he said. He didn't specify which of his two daughters - Maria or Katerina - received the vaccine.

Officials added that medical workers, teachers and individuals in other high-risk groups will be the first to receive the shots.

The country now has two COVID-19 vaccine candidates in the race - one, a vaccine being developed by the Vektor State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology.

Before Putin's announcement, there were reports that Russian Federation was trying to steal vaccine research.

Last month, the United States, Britain and Canada accused Russian Federation of trying to steal Western research into coronavirus vaccines and treatments.

President Rodrigo Duterte volunteered himself as a guinea pig for Russia's coronavirus vaccine as he struck a deal that will see the Philippines get the jab for free - but before it has passed full clinical trials. The death toll from COVID-19 was 2,293.



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