Battletoads will arrive on Xbox One and PC on August 20th

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We first learned about Battletoads in 2018 and while the initial plan was to release it a year ago, a new trailer tries to make the case that it was worth an even longer wait.

Rare and Dlala Studios' reboot of Battletoads is coming to Xbox One and Windows PC - via Windows 10 and Steam - on August 20, Microsoft announced Friday. The game will also have a unique hand-animated cartoon style, and will have memorable characters and locations. The brand new Battletoads has actually been established by Dlala Studios in collaboration with Rare, and it admires the initial with the '90 s cartoonish design. Whether this is your first time encountering the warty warriors or you consider yourself a Battletoads veteran, you won't have long to wait until the trio burst back onto the scene. For those who prefer their beat-'em-ups with a friend, the game does support couch co-op and will allow up to three players to drop in and out at will.

Xbox Game Pass members can already pre-install the game on their Xbox One console or PC starting today, so you're ready to play on day one, when it releases on 20 August.

Developed by Dlala Studios with help from Rare, it's also coming to Game Pass on both console and PC.