Apple (AAPL) Readies 'Apple One' Subscription Bundles to Boost Services


Apple is set to kick off the next stage in the deepening subscriptions price war by creating new subscription bundles to lock-in the loyalty of iPhone users, a report claims. You can expect Apple to announce the Apple One subscriptions during the iPhone 12 series launch.

"There will be different tiers, according to the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private plans".

Per Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources, the tech giant is expected to roll out a basic package with Apple Music and Apple TV Plus.

In addition, Apple will introduce new software/hardware bundles, akin to the one-year-free offer of Apple TV Plus for customers of its devices.

Whatever tiers Apple goes with, the plan is obvious enough: Any bundling of services should cost less than paying for the individual services. For anyone exhausted of paying multiple bills each month for a variety of services, this makes sense, but only if Apple does it right. One of the base bundles will include Apple Music and Apple TV+, while a more expensive version will add the Apple Arcade gaming service.

Let us recall that Apple's shares have become the most popular among traders of the Robinhood trading app. The fitness service would be a part of the higher-end subscription bundle. Individually, those plans would cost nearly $25 per month.

Pricing will ultimately dictate how attractive these bundles are to people. I'm already getting my Apple Card ready.

It's not clear exactly how much these bundles will cost, only that they will be cheaper than subscribing to them separately.

First, I wish Apple would finally find a way to not charge families for the use of iCloud storage, or at least significantly bump up the specs for the free plan to something much better than the underwhelming 5GB per person it now provides. Internally, the bundles are being referred to as "Apple One", though that is not necessarily the title they will start underneath.



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