Apex Legends Season 6 brings us Rampart and a new crafting system

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Discover new pathways to victory in Season 6 - and show them what you're made of.

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No set time has been announced but based on previous seasonal launches, we would expect Apex Legends Season 6 to have started by 8pm BST.

Apex Legends Season 5 is winding down, with this week being the last to provide challenges for those who still need to fill out their battle passes.

RANKED SEASON 6 - Build your rep and climb the rankings in the new Ranked Season!

The first is the introduction of a new hero, Rampart. The long-awaited and heavily rumored for so long SMG weapon, the Volt, is debuting Apex Legends. We don't yet officially know what that means in gameplay terms, but the early leaks hinted that her ultimate would be a placeable heavy machine gun, though that's certainly subject to change in the final release.

Developer Respawn Entertaiworldtoptrendnt has but to reveal Rampart's full listing of skills, however we'll update this text after we know extra about her. Just like with every season, a new Legend will be entering the arena.

Our new weapon is the Volt SMG, which originates in the Titanfall series.

She doesn't appear much in the trailer introducing her, but we get some details on her personality, her look, what she sounds like, and of course, an introduction to "Sheila".

Rampart is an expert modder who was able to make her name fighting in the underground fight clubs. You can see Bangalore shooting through a shield wall and Caustic whack Pathfinder with a canister.

Players won't have to wait too long to see Rampart in action, as she will be joining the rest of the battle royale crew when the Apex Legends Season 6 release date arrives on August 18. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days about all of the goodies that Season 6 will include and how Rampart will work in combat.



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