UNSC adopts resolution to renew Syria humanitarian mechanism

Russia, China veto Syria aid via Turkey for second time this week

"Russia's cynical and cruel maneuver with the support of China is a most tragic example of the broken UN humanitarian system and a defamation of the Security Council letter", said Susannah Sirkin, policy director for Physicians for Human Rights, based in the United States.in a sentence.

The UN Security Council on Saturday adopted a resolution, with 12 votes in favor and three abstentions, on the mandate renewal for the cross-border humanitarian mechanism in Syria. The resolution they put forward Saturday authorized only a single crossing point from Turkey for a year. An overwhelming majority voted double to keep the 2 crossings out of Turkey, however, Russian Federation and China vetoed both settlements - the 15F and 16th veto by Russian Federation of an Syria settlement since the battle started in 2011 along with also the ninth and also 10Directed by China. That contention was vehemently rejected by the Trump administration and the European Union, which noted their sanctions include exemptions for humanitarian deliveries.

"The Security Council decides to renew the decisions in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Security Council resolution 2165 (2014), for a period of twelve months, that is, until 10 July 2021, excluding the border crossing of Al-Ramtha, Al Yarubiyah and Bab Al-Salam", the text of the document obtained by Sputnik said.

China, for its part, has called for an amendment highlighting the work of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, "in particular his appeal for an immediate global ceasefire".

Polyansky accused Western nations on the council of "unprecedented heights" of hypocrisy, saying they were ready to jeopardize cross-border aid over the references to unilateral sanctions.

Susannah Sirkin, of Physicians for Human Rights, called the United Nations system "the most viable channel to deliver aid to millions of Syrians in need".

"Russia is consistently in favour of humanitarian deliveries to Syria with full respect of countries sovereignty and territorial integrity, and with coordination of its legal government".

German Ambassador Christoph Heusgen retorted that although Russian Federation talks concerning delivery of help across battle lines,"in practice it does not" occur.

A majority in the council, including the United States, wanted both crossings to be extended, and a third crossing, Al Yarubiyah, was opened on the northeast border with Iraq to help some 1.3 million stranded Syrians in need of medical supplies.

In response to the Russian and Chinese remarks, Heusgen said that he understood "that we all act on instructions" from governments. Again, I reiterate our thanks to the co-penholders for your efforts. At the rear of individuals locked gates are hundreds of thousands of girls, little ones, and adult males who believed that the world experienced listened to their pleas.

"However, Craft known as the permission of accessibility via Bab al-Hawa to get 12 weeks" a success" in light of Russian Federation and China's" willingness to use their veto to induce a dramatic decrease in humanitarian aid".

"Today is yet another sad day", he said.

"If the border crossings are not reinstated, many families will not be able to eat, will not receive healthcare, and will not find shelter" said the charity's CEO, Inger Ashing.

"Yet there is no problem that the Council's authorization of cross-border humanitarian entry via Bab al-Hawa for 12 months is a victory in mild of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China's willingness to use their veto to compel a extraordinary reduction in humanitarian support", she stated.

In a later statement, they added: "One border crossing is not enough, but no border crossings would have left the fate of an entire region in question".



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