Trump tweets video with 'white power' chant, then deletes it

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During a press briefing on Monday, McEnany claimed that Trump hadn't heard the supporter's "white power!" shout in the video. The video shows Trump supporters and opponents facing off in screaming matches filled with expletives and insults.

The original tweet and two-minute video that Trump retweeted identifies the scene as "seniors from The Villages in Florida protesting against each other".

"The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Faill in the Fall".

But according to the local news outlet, the video appears to have been recorded on June 14 during a golf cart rally staged by Villagers for Trump.

"Corrupt Joe is shot".

While the president has always been accused of being racist and using the language of white supremacists and similar far-right groups, Trump has often said he believes he is the "least racist person in the world." .

This time, Trump's decision to highlight a video featuring a racist slogan comes amid a national reckoning over race following the deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans at the hands of law enforcement.

"In April, the president retweeted a posting that included the hashtag "#FireFauci."

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., added to the urgency when he called the tweet "indefensible" and demanded that the president take it down during an interview on CNN, the officials said.

While the video was tweeted Saturday and so far received almost 15,000 retweets, it appears to have been recorded on June 14, according to a recap of the rally posted by the community news outlet Villages News.

The White House hasn't immediately responded to questions about why Trump tweeted the video.

Some of the counterdemonstrators in the Florida video hold signs supporting former vice president Joe Biden, the presumed Democratic nominee challenging Trump in November.

"Nazi, racist pig", one anti-Trump demonstrator can be heard yelling at another man in the video, in one of many similar instances. "We're in a battle for the soul of the nation - and the President has picked a side".



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