NASA brings the smell of outer space to Earth

American startup will release a perfume with the smell of space

Just me? Well, no matter because we may all soon know since there is a Kickstarter campaign to produce a perfume called Eau de Space based on NASA's secret formula.

If you've ever wondered what space smells like, a new perfume can answer that for you.

The aim of the fragrance was to help the astronauts get familiar with the smell of the space and eliminate any surprise that the astronauts might face in the space. The authority has concluded with Pierce's contract in 2008 and had planned to use the resulting scent for training astronauts to the smell of the space was habitual to them. "Through sheer determination, grit, a lot of luck, and a couple of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, we got it out". We've all had space ice cream...this takes it a step further.

Co-developed by NASA and Steve Pearce, a chemist and founder of Omega Ingredients, a company focused on the "creation of the highest quality, provenance driven, natural flavours and ingredients for the food and beverage industry", Eau de Space is supposed to accurately represent the actual smell of space. Others described it as "like a smell from a gun, right after you fire the shot".

Американский стартап выпустит парфюм с запахом космоса

"I think it kind of has nearly a bitter kind of smell in addition to being smoky and burned".

Partnering with award-winning perfumers to produce the fragrance, the "Eau de Space" team's main goal is to increase interest in STEM learning for students through "experiential education". The extraterrestrial explorers have described the odour of space as the smell of seared steak, welding fumes, hot metal, rum, raspberries and a little like gunpowder too.

The project to launch Eau de Space has received more than $50,000 in contributions from across the country.



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