Iran: Tehran clinic hit by deadly explosion

Tehran ambulance

People have been sharing videos on social networks of a building on fire - reportedly the Sina Athar Medical clinic.

Midway through the clip, there is a second, very loud blast.

Nineteen people are dead and six injured after an explosion at a medical clinic in the north of the Iranian capital Tehran.

Journalist Kian Sharifi posted: "A spokesman for the fire department confirms to Fars news that a health care centre is on fire in northern Tehran, saying "people may be trapped inside".

Semi-official Iranian news agency ISNA has also reported on the explosions, without citing any additional information.

The spokesman of the emergency services told Mehr news agency that "Twenty-five people were at the location when the explosion took place and ten men and three women died" and confirmed the hospitalization of six others.

Left: Fire and smoke rise from the building, shown in footage recorded from a near-by building of the explosion in Tehran on June 30, 2020.

"Fire Station is less that 1 km away, yet no sign of fire brigades, at least in this location".

Deputy governor of Tehran has told local media that a possible gas leak led to a fire and explosion.

The cause of that incident was also said by the authorities to have been a gas leak.

The incident follows an explosion last week near a military site on the outskirts of Tehran that officials blamed on a gas tank.

There has been no comment thus far from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force.



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