Indians repatriated from India so far

Vande Bharat Mission Air India to operate 170 flights to and from 17 countries in phase 4

Governments across the globe have operated special charters to bring their distressed citizens back home since a considerable portion of global commercial air travel had come to a screeching halt.

According to information released by the Chief Minister's Secretariat, a total of 25,620 passengers arrived in Mumbai on 166 flights since the mission to repatriate stranded Indians began on May 8. Almost all of these flights are being operated by the government-run airline Air India.

Between May 7 and June 1, Air India group has operated a total of 423 inbound global flights under the mission, bringing 58,867 Indian citizens back to the country.

Air India started worldwide chartered flights under the Vande Bharat Mission from May 6 to help people stranded overseas to return home amid the pandemic.

Air India flew to some locations in Europe and the US with near regular frequency ferrying passengers back and forth.

"We are taking this action because the Government of India (GoI) has impaired the operating rights of US carriers and has engaged in discriminatory and restrictive practices with respect to US carrier services to and from India", stated a US Department of Transportation (DOT) order.

With this flight close to 2300 people have been evacuated from Bangladesh by flight to India.

Furthermore, the DOT stated that US airlines were denied permission to operate these repatriation charters, referencing a Delta Air Lines letter sent to the Indian government dated May 26, 2020. However, worldwide passenger flight service in India has been suspended since 23 March because of Corona virus an infection.

Several European countries have also lodged similar complaints. It says that 26 flights of Air India will run between India and Saudi Arabia.

New Delhi: Air India is all set to serve in the fourth phase of the Vande Bharat Mission.

Passengers will need prior approval from the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in New Delhi and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) to travel from India to the UAE on these repatriation flights. Worldwide flight companies had been suspended on 23 March because of Corona virus epidemic in India.



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