Florida reports largest, single-day increase in COVID cases

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The US state of Florida reported a record spike in coronavirus cases since the outbreak of the pandemic, officials announced on Sunday, as the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms a record rise in global cases as well.

The previous one-day record for new cases had been held by California, with 11,694 cases registered on Wednesday, and before that by NY, with 11,571 cases reported on April 14.

It also surpasses New York's daily peak of 11,571 new cases in April, and comes just a day after Disney World reopened in Orlando. Guests at the park said that people were wearing masks and social distancing, and videos showed near-empty parks. It has also broken NY state's record of 12,847 new cases on April 10 when it was the epicenter of the US outbreak. Hospitalizations and positive test rates are also rising in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

The state added at least 15,299 positive COVID-19 cases, for a total of 269,811, and recorded 45 more deaths, according to state Department of Health statistics. He said that although each county will have to come up with procedures, depending on their local infection rate, not opening the schools would exacerbate the achievement gap between high- and low-performing students. He had previously refused to wear a mask in public or ask Americans to wear face coverings, saying it was a personal choice.

The restaurant, 33 & Melt, has become a focal point of tension after owner Carrie Hudson said she was not requiring customers to wear masks. During Saturday's protest, no customers wore face coverings inside the restaurant.

"All the health care workers have a huge burden". The new record reflects a new surge in COVID-19 cases in the U.S.in recent months, as the epicenter has shifted away from NY and towards other states, including Florida, Texas and Arizona.



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