Detroit police appear to plow through crowd of protesters surrounding patrol auto

Detroit police filmed driving SUV through crowd of protesters in blood-chilling VIDEO

I was just holding onto the auto.

A video posted online late Sunday night appears to show a Detroit Police Department patrol vehicle ramming its way through an angry crowd of protesters.

A booming drumline fed the energy of hundreds of Detroit protesters Monday night as they marched the streets and chanted for the firing of Detroit Police Chief James Craig. Craig said at a Monday press conference that "the officers did the right thing" by trying to remove themselves from an "agitated" crowd.

The protester argued that the recent nationwide demonstrations, although mostly peaceful, have cops on edge, ready to flex their authority. One person appears to sit on the hood of the vehicle before it accelerates into the crowd, with several people ending up on the hood of the SUV. Peep the video of the incident below.

The protest started around 4:30 p.m. in response to the death of George Floyd, the Detroit News reported. We went flying off. One of two told the Free Press he was trying to stop the vehicle from endangering the group.

A protester says he jumped on a police auto to avoid being run over. "I could feel him speeding up and then he. flinged me off the auto".

That's when they accelerated, causing numerous group to disengage with the vehicle.

In a video taken by protester Ethan Ketner, of Ann Arbor, three cruisers blocked the roadway and did not appear to communicate with protesters before accelerating through the crowd.

"We knew then that we needed to not put ourselves in a position where a group of criminals would surround and attack the vehicle", he said.

Footage of the incident shows the SUV surrounded by dozens of activists. Police could not provide details on possible injuries Monday; a spokesperson for Mayor Mike Duggan said no EMS units were sent to the scene. At least two others were hurt and treated by medics, with one "severely bleeding" from his arm, protester Anthony Scannell told Deadline Detroit Sunday.

Before the confrontation, Craig said police had learned some demonstrators "were armed with hammers", though he was unable to provide details on the source of the information.

He also said some of these protesters "did not represent peace", and the officers feared for their safety.

The department promised to investigate the actions of both the protesters and the officer behind the wheel.



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