Damian Lillard Is the Cover Star of National Basketball Association 2K21: Official Photos

NBA 2K21 Cover Athlete Announced for Current-Gen

NBA 2K and Lillard will also partner through 2K Foundations, 2K's program to support underserved communities by revitalizing basketball courts and community centres across the nation, to renovate a site in his hometown of Oakland, CA for the local community. Hyped to be the #NBA2K21 Current Gen Cover Athlete.

It stands to reason that 2K21 may feature a Legends Edition cover as they've done in the past, although that hasn't been officially confirmed. "I'll be on the cover of 2K", Lillard told Charania. But to appear on the cover of one of the most renowned sports video games of the 21st century?

NBA 2K21 Cover Athlete Announced NBA 2K21 Cover Athlete Announced for Current-Gen MP1st MP1st

There will be three different poster boys for this year's instalment, and 2K recently announced Damian Lillard for current-gen versions of the game. One of the aspects fans always look forward to is cover athletes, and lots of basketball fans are hoping that Kobe Bryant will be the star of the NBA 2K21 Legend edition. To be able to join the line of players that has been in 2K, it's an honor. Every time I come across a game that is my favorite year of a game, the way that you recognize it is by "A.I. was on that cover" or 'Kobe was on that cover, ' that was my favorite one.

Lillard is a 5-time NBA All-Star and was named to the All-NBA First Team in 2018, and over the course of his 8-year career, he's become best known for his clutch playoff heroics, which led him to coining the phrase "Lillard Time".



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