Coronavirus: No Covid-19 patients in ICUs for second day


Six out of yesterday's 24 cases were in relation to travel from overseas, and there has been at least one "cluster"- three or more cases- in the north west of the country, linked with travel to Iraq.

More than 1.1 million cases were reported globally last week.

The country had driven down the number of infections in recent weeks.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland to 22,462.

There have been no new deaths reported to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre today.

There have been 11,835 cases associated with clusters, and nearly a third of the national total, 8,208 cases have been among healthcare workers.

The chief medical officer has said he is deeply anxious at the prospect of greater foreign travel associated with easing restrictions next month.

Dr Holohan has expressed concern at the plan and said numerous most popular European holiday spots did not have low enough disease rates to encourage travel to there.

Dr Ronan Glynn, the deputy chief medical officer added: "Today we are reporting at least six cases associated with worldwide travel".

Much of Europe is opening its borders to visitors from 1 July, and Irish airline Ryanair are resuming 1000 flights a day on that date, but Dr Holohan yesterday pleaded with people to holiday in Ireland this year.

He said officials were "genuinely very concerned" about the increasing "role and risk of travel", RTÉ reports. "It's important that continue to avoid all unnecessary travel at this time", he warned.

He noted a cluster of infection in the north west of the country was associated with travel involving Iraq.

Ireland has this week entered Phase 3 of the roadmap out of lockdown, which has seen many more businesses reopen, and larger gatherings allowed.

"The population has a far higher understanding of this virus".



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