Australia to offer residence option to 10,000 Hong Kongers

Police officers stand guard outside an office in Hong Kong

Lester Shum, Joshua Wong and Janelle Leung speak during a primary election, organized by pro-democracy opposition parties for the upcoming legislative election in Hong Kong, China, on July 11, 2020.

"Hong Kong people have again created a miracle and again told the world that our pro-democratic camp can attract so many to vote".

On the eve of the primaries, police searched the office of independent pollster Robert Chung, whose Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI) helps organise the election, raising concerns among activists of interference in the poll.

Yan realised her Chinese colleagues soon stopped talking about the virus and would refrain from discussing the issue. Doctors and researchers who had been openly discussing the virus suddenly clammed up.

Following this, she says that her contacts who had previously been talking openly went quiet - particularly in Wuhan - while others warned Yan not to ask about details. "We can't talk about it, but we need to wear masks, '" Yan said.

However, some of her sources did tell her that the number of human-to-human transmissions were rising exponentially, but when she reported further findings to her supervisor, she says she was told 'to keep silent, and be careful'. She packed her bags, sneaked past the censors and video cameras on campus, and boarded a Cathay Pacific flight to the United States, on April 28. If she was caught, she knew she could be thrown in jail - or, worse, rendered one of the "disappeared".

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison left has suspended his country’s extradition treaty with Hong Kong

Li-Meng Yan also claimed that her supervisors who are experts in this field ignored the research at the onset of the virus which led it to become a global pandemic.

She divulged to the media that the Hong Kong government swarmed her hometown of Qingdao and that agents ripped apart her tiny apartment and questioned her parents. When she spoke to them, they begged her to come home.

Currently, Yan is reportedly hiding somewhere in the US as she is scared that there is a threat to her life.

While Yan says she was frustrated, she was not surprised. A scientist friend working at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China, who knew about the cases, in December allegedly told Yan about human-to-human spread much before China or the World Health Organization (WHO) WHO admitted to the possibility.

"The reason I came to the USA is because I deliver the message of the truth of COVID", she told Fox News from an undisclosed location, adding that she "will be disappeared and killed" if she had attempted to tell her story in China. Yan said the Hong Kong government tore apart her apartment in her hometown of Qingdao and also questioned her parents.



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