Apple's upcoming iPhone 12 5G lineup reportedly features OLED displays

Apple's iPhone 12 will probably be late. The question is How late

Apple's upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 12, probably won't launch in September, when Apple typically launches new flagships.

As you've likely seen if you've been following iPhone 12 news, dummy models of the phones using measurements from previous leaks have been making the rounds lately.

The report indicates that 5G parts are partly to blame for the delay, as the high-end iPhone 12 model, which uses the faster, millimeter wave 5G band, is now two months behind schedule, while the other models, which use the sub-6 GHz 5 band, are between 1 and 1.5 months behind. The iPhone 12 delivers a much larger screen than both handsets without the bulk.

The comparison has not been done by a leaker but by MacRumors forum member "iZac" who purchased a dummy unit of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12.

But a leaked iPhone 12 box coming via Concepts iPhone could set this straight in this regard, as it confirms that there's no room for a charger because of a slimmer design. Until the iPhone 12 launches, we will have to wait and see if this render and the box will be accurate to what rumors have been suggesting about the iPhone 12 box.

The iPhone 12 (middle) is bigger than the iPhone SE (top) but smaller than the iPhone 7 (bottom).

There are different noticeable adjustments that would find yourself within the iPhone 12 - although once more, dummy items don't have to signify closing designs.

iZac admits that going from a 4-inch screen on the original iPhone SE to the 5.4-inch panel on the iPhone 12 is a stretch, but that "it feels a lot more manageable because the square profile and flat side let you actually grip the device".

Different attention-grabbing tidbits embody a cutout on the fitting facet of the iPhone 12 Professional Max unit, which could possibly be a 5G antenna window, MacRumors theorized, which pushes the SIM tray over to the left facet beneath the amount buttons.

The iPhone 12 will come in two other sizes. Even for Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max feature OLED screen. It is also rumored that Pro models may use the same LiDAR scanner that was introduced on the iPad Pro. Resting just below the iPhone itself, the insert usually holds a number of important elements and has cavities to match the items, but the version shown offers little capacity for items in general.

On the surface, producing a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 would seem like a gamble, but given that it's also rumored to start at just $649 - and possibly as cheap as $549 for a 4G version - it could be the flawless iPhone in terms of size and value for a lot of people.

On the Android side of things, Samsung's Galaxy S20 starts at 6.2 inches and goes up to 6.9 inches for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.



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