Apple’s next iPhones will not come with a charger in the box

Apple’s supposed 20W power adapter

The only thing Barclays foresees Apple including in the box is a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. Apple will introduce a 20W charger with USB Power Delivery which will be sold separately, says Kuo. In fact, Kuo believes Apple intends to ship the iPhone 12 without a charger included.

You're all excited as you remove your brand new iPhone out of its box, and as you hold the shiny new device in your hand you subconsciously remove the new charger that's also in the box, tossing it into your drawer as a spare.

It is also expected that Apple will speak about the environmental benefits of including fewer plastic items in the box - and especially items that the vast majority of iPhone 12 buyers will already have at home anyway. For the ones who don't have, Apple would earn extra revenue if they have to go back to Apple to purchase the same. Why do you think about Apple shipping the iPhone 12 minus accessories?

Apple introduced the new Midnight Green color option on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max a year ago, and a "Midnight Blue" iPhone 12 Pro with the same type of deep, muted tone would be incredible. The iPhone 11 still has the old 5W charger, but the 11 Pro has an 18W brick. There have been rumors that Apple might be getting ready a 20W energy adapter, however that's now anticipated to be bought individually. Curiously, blue was dropped from the iPhone 11 line-up despite being available for the iPhone XR.

As well as further speculation on the iPhone 12 Pro models coming with 120Hz displays, they might also be able to record 4K video in 120 frames-per-second, even 240fps.

IPhones are certainly fairly ubiquitous in the U.S. market but for the rest of the world it'll jar if the iPhone 12 ships with no charger.

iPhone 12 Pro will come in 6.1-inch or 6.7-inch sizes. The updated iPhone users across the world would be looking for the inclusion of 5G capability. What price do you want to see the iPhone 12 launch at?



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