Addison Rae: Why Has She Disappeared From TikTok?

The 19-year-old whose videos have been liked more than two billion times said sorry after resurfaced clips painted her in a less than flattering light

In her statement, Addison writes: "I owe all of you an apology".

"Four years ago, I reposted a video which included a woman sharing her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter that I should not have", she continued. For the reason that of my privilege, I did not comprehend and was not educated enough on the social injustices struggling with the Black community.

In a video four years ago Rae posted that the Black Lives Matter movement was "a cult". "The Black community was and continues to be oppressed and damaged by systemic racism."Advertisement " I see my mistakes and am committed to learning from them", Easterling added.

From Louisiana originally, Addison joined TikTok previous year where she first became popular for posting videos with her mum Sheri, who is also a dancer. On Wednesday, July 8, she issued an apology after receiving backlash for supporting All Lives Matter which is associated with criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The 19-year-old has just under 50 million TikTok followers and is one of the biggest names in the world right now, so when she went silent for over a week, fans who are used to interacting with her multiple times a day were seriously anxious something had happened. The star has over 49 million followers on TikTok and typically posts at least one or two videos a day, but hasn't posted since June 28.

Rae ended her message by promising to use her platform to work toward a better ally, but it seems not everyone is happy with her statement. She's also been absent on Instagram and Twitter. "It should have been addressed immediately and I've lost all respect for you", one said.

On Wednesday Addison addressed the controversy and apologised
On Wednesday Addison addressed the controversy and apologised

Rae, whose full identify is Addison Rae Easterling, was getting ready for her first yr of faculty at Lousiana State University earlier than she acquired massive on TikTok.

The tweet comes after Addison went radio silent on all of her social media platforms, Instagram included.

The unexplained break caused much speculation from fans including a rumor that she was pregnant.

On her speedy increase to fame, she explained to Enterprise Insider, "I in the beginning located out about TikTok via a good deal of young ladies at my school and in my dance studio".

However, her boyfriend, fellow famous TikToker, Bryce Hall, eventually spoke out to reassure fans Addison was fine, taking some time, and was not pregnant. Kio later clarified that Addison had actually asked him if he said it.



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