Why this Starbucks barista got $36,000 in tips

Meet Lenen from Starbucks who refused to serve me cause I'm not wearing a mask' she said in the post tagging the coffee shop off the 4200 block of Genesee Avenue.' time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption

A GoFundMe set up for the barista, identified as Lenin Gutierrez, raised almost $23,000 as of today - just days after it was posted online.

Gutierrez posted a video June 24 on Facebook thanking those who donated and sharing his perspective on the interaction with Gilles, stating that the woman "flicked him off" and began "cursing up a storm" after he refused to serve her.

Public health officials now require Californians to wear masks or cloth face coverings in most settings outside the home.

On Facebook, Lenin Gutierrez said he now has massive strategies for his surprising strategies.

A spokesman for San Diego County told CNN that companies determine if they want to serve customers who don't wear face masks, and can choose to accompany them with orders to go or curbside service. It also states that Gutierrez's manager asked him to decline to comment on the situation going forward.

A GoFundMe web page arrange for the Starbucks worker, recognized as Lenin Gutierrez, has raised greater than $21,029 from nearly 2,000 donors as of Thursday. Her post now has hundreds of thousands of interactions. "Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption", wrote Amber Lynn Gilles in a Facebook posted.

In a comment on the initial Facebook post, Gilles wrote: "Masks are stupid and so are the people wearing them".

Many people voiced their support for Gutierrez in comments on Gilles' post, with some saying they wish they could visit the coffee shop to give him a special tip. The county has also left it to each businesses' discretion as to whether to respect medical exemptions.

Gilles took to Facebook to defend her actions and to clash with those who were blasting her on her post
Gilles took to Facebook to defend her actions and to clash with people who were blasting her on her behalf post

A Starbucks barista Lenin Gutierrez who was "shamed" on social media after asking a woman if she had a face mask has had the last laugh.

So he made a decision to start a GoFundMe, which he named "Tips for Lenin Standing Up To A San Diego Karen", to give everyone who wanted to tip Gutierrez a chance to do so virtually.

"Everybody is rallying all over any individual for doing what they're supposed to do and seeking to safeguard all people else", Cowan reported in an interview with KGTV.

"It's been so helpful and so shocking to see something get so big that only happened within a few minutes", the barista said. She was then, labeled as the new 'Karen, ' or when a middle-aged White woman is associated with rude and obnoxious acts against another person.

He said Gilles walked in without a mask and he asked her if she had a mask. He said he plans to use the money to once again become a dance instructor working with children. The fact that it's now over $ 65,000, I don't know how to really shout how grateful and blessed I feel at this opportunity that everyone has given me.

Lenin shared a picture of him holding a sign that says, "Thank you everyone for the tips!"

'I am not scared or bothered by your ignorant fraud a**'s, not sorry you losers got nothing better to do.,' she said on Tuesday.



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